“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” – Aldous Huxley

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Academy Connections Pack
Annual pass to “Insider Perspectives”
20% discount for all annual passes and other Webinar Meet-Ups. A paid annual subscription to Slack.
Ableton Starter Pack
You get Ableton and 33 hours of live instruction delivered online by professionals.

Artist Producer Performer Label Entrepreneur
Unlimited Releases on the Music Alliance ELITE Artists label and a complete marketing package and plan
Artist Producer Performer Label Entrepreneur Plus (BETA)
Annual unlimited digital distribution Prepare your music for release with leading distribution and marketing companies. Start the process of getting out there, building a brand, and getting ears and eyes on you. Build your personal career development strategy. Create a marketing plan and get critical airplay.
Global Distribution ELITE Artists
Through Music Alliance ELITE Artists Label PRO members are eligible to add annual unlimted Digital Distrubtion to over 40 outlets. Add a special bundle priced track review from award winning engineers to help prepare your release
Music Alliance Identity Pack
Digital ID and Member Certificate, Annual Pass-Insider Perspective,
Annual MSOffice 365.
Member@MusicAlliance email
Track Review 6 Pack
Honest and credible feedback from the award winning mastering engineers of Studio DMI in Las Vegas In-depth reviews examine the sound, structure, and overall production of your track, then we share techniques to improve your overall sonic quality.
When you purchase both the Connections Pack and Identity Pack at the same time, you receive $10 off these annual addons Check out the amazing bundle of services you will have added to your membership for so very little.
Creating Songwriting Success
Join Us For The Evening for just $5.99 or Grab an Annual Pass for Just $19 more
We are going to talk about songs, how to build them, how to sell them. We are going to do that with Jeffrey Jey. With over 15 million records sold, thousands of concerts around the globe 
Insider Perspectives 
Join Us For The Evening $5.99 or Grab an Annual Pass for Just $19 more
An online learning meetup . Conversations, guests and member participation. Explore creativity, performance and marketing your music. Connect with the people who are doing it for real.

Home Studio Success
Join us for the evening $5.99 or Grab an Annual Pass for Just $19 more!
Nothing speaks like experience and knowledge. From the music recording and production evangelists. Learn how to deal with the acoustics, the electronics, and the holistic mix environment. Understand sound and make it your friend.
New Technology Meet-up
Join us for the evening for just $5.99 or Grab an Annual Pass for Just $19 more!
Join Music Alliance for our New Technology Meet-Up where we share discussion, concepts, reveals, deals, technique and technology with members, allys, community leaders and guests.
Producing Styles – EDM Genre
Join us for an evening $5.99 or Grab an Annual Pass for Just $19 more!
Trap, Bass, Techno, Trance, Glitch Hop, House  and the many types of genres that drive poeple to their feet around the world. What are the musical elements that  go into making them real 
Social Media for Musicians
Join us for an evening $5.99 or Grab an Annual Pass for Just $19 more!
Want to succeed on social media in 2020?  Then you need to know what trends will matter most this year. While the technology we have access to has never been greater, the competition has also never been higher.  
Beta Benefits
Explore and Test New Music Alliance Beta ToolsAffiliate, Pro and Elite members may join our Beta Program at Music Alliance and be part of assessing new resources, tools, and technology, that may drive the future of our community.
Fly On The Wall
Now you can see and hear how Grammy-Nominated and Multi-Platinum producers and engineers work, behind the scenes. Join professionals like Studio DMI’s Luca Pretolesi, Scott Banks, Andy Lin and other recording teams as they work, share their workflow, and the secret sauce that goes into creating world class music.
Global Distribution ELITE Artists
Through Music Alliance ELITE Artists Label PRO members are eligible to add annual unlimited Digital Distribution to over 40 outlets. Add a special bundle priced track review from award winning engineers to help prepare your release
Mix & Master – with Luca
Bring your mixing and mastering to the next level. Journey through the music with internationally acclaimed, multiple Grammy nominated mix and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi. Share in the secrets that have catapulted Luca to the top of the charts
Music Career Marketing & Management
Academy@MusicAlliance brings you 33 hours of  live instruction to develop your personal career strategy.
Legal Resources
Honorary Music Alliance member Juan David Lopez operates Avenant Law, a London England based legal consultacy advising bands, solo artists, composers, managers, promoters, distributors and producers
Microsoft Office 365
We welcome the most powerful suite of work and collaboration tools on the planet The tools are powerful and feature rich. You will enjpoy your one drive space and MSO365 operates completely in the cloud, so wherever you are, you are there
Our community provides services, products, tools, resources, knowledge and learning and if you provide some of this we can put you in front of the right people. You are an investor and you are also the product. Music Alliance is here to help you build. Reach out to Membership@MusicAlliance.com
Professional Advice and Consulting
You can learn what it took decades for others to learn (instead of doing what you do well) or you can engage your own professional team and take advantage of their super powers.
Music Alliance brings you some excellent team members
Track Review
Take your music to the next level with honest and credible feedback from the award winning mastering engineers of Studio DMI in Las Vegas Nevada. Our in-depth reviews examine the sound, structure, and overall production of your track, 
Personal and Small Group Mentoring
Take Your Skills to the Next Level with Advice and Guidance from Professionals Who Bring Relevancy, Critical Knowledge and Experience to Your Mission. Don’t Take Years to Go Where Hours can Take You.
Electronic Music Producer Development Program
Our 12 month online immersion program will develop and evolve your skills, while simultaneously creating a career development strategy to sell your music and establish your brand. This is the most comprehensive, practical, affordable and focused strategic plan available.
Community Wall
The heart beat of a community is our connection to one another as fellow professionals on a journey. So make a point of checking in and sharing this journey with all of us
Community Shared Assets
Music Alliance is about leveraging membership  to drive down costs and share in resources. These resources include not just the many services, products, resources already leveraged by our community but all the new ones that become available as we evolve. 
Classified Ads
Need to sell that old TR808 or Compressor ? Guitars ? Drums, or other dusty relics no longer getting enough love in your collection ? Moving on to newer younger version of your attention? Get it sold, put the money to work.
fuse e’zine
fuse is our curated and created music industry and community content. Have a visit. Imagine your own story presented to our community. Or maybe contribute a blog or story of your own
Member Profile
Create, Communicate, Collaborate. Your profile connects you with success and brings a community that shares your vision. Create your custom profile, share who you are with those you choose. Build your own community within Music Alliance.
Music Alliance Member Certificates
High quality print versions are available delivered for $4.95 plus shipping. Share your story and tell your people who you belong with. Your certificate is personalized and will reflect your member level
Sudden Unexpected Rewards
Members receive limited, time bombed “Sudden Unexpected Rewards” Special gifts designed to help and inspire you to create and collaborate, save you money, bring you great ideas or sometimes just because your family! 

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Member Benefits by Level

Member Benefits Regular Price Associate Affiliate PRO Elite
Fly on the Wall Priceless
All Access Webinar Meetups $150
Track Reviews Included $69 3 6
Track Review Discounts $69 $65 $61 $55
Track Review Six Pack $414 $410 $385 $365 $330
Artist Elite Distribution $50 $15
Microsoft Office Full Suite $99
Slack Full License $96
Artist Distribute, Promo and Airplay $539 $450 $395
Artist Performer Producer Label Entrepreneur Pack $1229 $790 $690
Affiliate Partner Discounts Various
Creating Songwriting Success $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Insider Perspectives $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
New Technology Meetup $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Producing Styles-EDM Genre $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Social Media for Musicians $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Ableton Starter Pack $750 $695 $655 $615 $545
Luca Pretolesi Mixing and Mastering $1250 $1250 $1188 $1125 $950
Music Marketing & Career Mngt. $690 $690 $650 $610 $540
Electronic Music Production Career Development (1 Yr) $9800 $9800 $9310 $8820 $7840
Academy Connections Pack $205 $24.99 $24.99
Music Alliance Identity Pack $129 $24.99 $24.99
Artist/Career Mentors $50-$300 (hr) -5% -10%
Business/Career Consulting $150-$400 (hr) -10% -20%
Legal Templates Library $99
VIP Services Priceless
=Available/Price =Not Available

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FAQ Bundles, Packs and Addons

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