Bundles/Addons: APPLE Plus – MA Members

Bundles/Addons: APPLE Plus

Artist, Producer, Performer, Label Entrepreneur. Plus
  • Unlimited Releases on EA label
  • Professional Track Review
  • Career and Marketing Management Program
  • EDM Sessions Airplay and Marketing Package
  • Marketing Plan Consult
  • Press Release Package
  • Custom Music Alliance Profile
  • Feature Article in fuse (month)
  • Academy Connections/Identity Pack
  • Invitation to ELITE Artists Group

Elite Artists

Regular Price $1229 Member Pricing from $690 See Pricing Tab Below This is a BETA Service limited to 40 PRO and ELITE members only.
Listen as I review a track from artist/producer Alexander Cross
Luca Pretolesi Studio DMI
Las Vegas Nevada

Select tabs below to know more about our memberships and get your questions answered about our amazing services. Great news for our Pro and Elite members. Academy Connections is already included in their plans.

Elite Artist Track Distribution
Select, Complete and Submit the Number of Submission Forms You Require. Use Additional Forms if Necessary Ensuring You Identify Them as Part of the Same Release if Intended.

Submit only with Form in “Single Submission” Ensure we know the total songs attributed to this release so we can adequately review and ensure we have all your songs

Submit only with Form in “Single Submission” and “Song #2” Ensure we know the total songs attributed to this release so we can adequately review and ensure we have all your songs

Submit only with Form in “Single Submission” and Song#2 and #3 ensure we know the total songs attributed to this release so we can adequately review and ensure we have all your songs

Submit only with Form in “Single Submission” as well as Song#2, #3, and #4 . Ensure we know the total songs attributed to this release so we can adequately review and ensure we have all your songs

This program is a BETA Program and Enrollment will be capped at 40. If you are interested in this discovery phase please use the “Ask” form below to express your interest. Elite members will have priority. Pricing is also exploratory and may rise.

APPLE Pack prepares your music for release with leading distribution and marketing companies, starts the process of getting you out there, building a brand, getting ears and eyes on you. It works to build your personal career development strategy, creating a marketing strategy, and getting critical airplay. There is much more and it provides annual unlimited digital distribution.

Listen to this track review of an Alexander Cross song by Studio DMI’s Luca Pretolesi. This kind of feed back is essential pre release and you may wish more.

You will be prepared for this release in several important ways. A Professional Track Review will get your music ready for release by providing critical experienced feedback to help you make the adjustments to make your music sound expensive and cut through the noise. If you feel uncertain about your ability to get there on your own, consider the member pricing provided by Studio DMI or get someone else to mix your tracks to perfection.

After we take care of the paperwork and release your music through a partner service, we then need to push play on the marketing. The EDM Session Marketing Package includes an artistic track review (for airplay approval) and an airplay marketing package designed to bring the spotlight your way. A Custom Built Profile on Music Alliance will provide you an ELITE presence with excellent company at MusicAlliance.com where we will be celebrating you in several ways including a Feature Article in fuse (one month). A press release package (which you will determine the spend on), and an invitation to be part of our ELITE Artists Community Group.

On top of all that if you are not a PRO or ELITE (who already have it) Academy Connections and Alliance Identity Pack addons are included as well. So now you can join all our meetups, get an annual subscription for Microsoft 365, (Teams, Yammer, Word, Excel, Outlook, One Drive, etc) an annual workplace SLACK account and scheduled use of Zoom.

Then [email protected] brings you our accredited Music Marketing and Career Management. 33 hours of  live instruction to accelerate your professional development and develop your personal career strategy. You will acquire the knowledge and tools to lay the foundation for your success.  Experienced professionals  develop your ability to market your music and manage your career with vision and effectiveness. We apply knowledge to your success plan and improve your probability for success.

Finally Unlimited annual releases on the Music Alliance ELITE Artists label means you can continue to release material affordably throughout the year, while adding the services you feel you need most at that time. The good news is this experience will guide you so you can do more on your own.

Power Up for Best Value.
Music Alliance is a member community. Please first join as a complimentary Associate member. Then participate in the community and Up Your Level ! Click the icons below for monthly subscriptions. Go annual and get two months free.
Discounts Available on Several Items
Track Review Access and Discounts.
Academy Learning Program Discounts
Access to Add On Packs.
Points and Rewards Program
Affiliate Partner Discounts
Member Profiles and Groups
Member Newsletter Blogs and fuse ‘zine
Classified Ads
Sudden Unexpected Rewards
Access to Career Mentors and Coaches
Access up to Status Tier 3
Everything in Associate and……
Greater Discounts on Everything
Access to Legal Template Library
Save Hundreds on Workshops, Events and Learning Webinars
Discount on 12 month Electronic Music Production Program
Access Music Reality Television Fly on the Wall
Discounts on Studio Mastering Packages for Studio DMI
Access to Virtual DAW (with Addon)
Digital Member Certificate
Everything in Affiliate and…..
Pro Level Discounts
Three Included Track Reviews
Discounted TR Bundle
Office 365 Full Suite
Slack Annual License
All Access Webinar Meetups
MusicAlliance.com Email and Digital ID Card.
Discounts on Mentors and Consulting
Pro Level Academy Discounts
Access up to Status Tier 6
Elite Label Distribution Included
Alliance Connections Pack Included
Alliance Academy Pack Included
Access to Beta Tools
Artist Airplay Promo Distribution
Your Access to Everything Level.
Everything in Pro and….
Best Discounts Available on Every thing
Six annual Track Reviews Included
Elite Discounts for Additional Track Reviews
Up to 20% Discounts on Mentors and Consulting
Up to 25% Discounts on Academy Programs
Access to Status Tier 10
All Access Virtual DAW
Printed High Quality Member Certificate
VIP Program

Click Any Icon Above To Subscribe

Benefit/ServicesRegular PriceAssociateAffiliateProElite
Master of Sound-Songwriting 101 w/Heather Bright $350$350$335$315$280
Master of Sound–Music Business 101 w/Heather Bright $350$350$335$315$280
Sound Design MasterClass w/Nik Hotchkiss$89$89$79$69$59 (included with Annual)
Legal TemplatesPricelessNoYesYesYes
Fly on the WallPricelessNoYesYesYes
Artist Elite Distribution (annual)$50NoNo$20$15 (Annual Incl.)
Microsoft Office Full Suite$99NoNoYesYes
Slack Full License$96NoNoYesYes
Track Reviews (included)$69NoNo36
Track Review Discounts$69No$65$61$55
Track Review Six Pack$414$410$385$365$330
Artist Distribute, Promo and Airplay$539NoNo$450$395
Artist Performer Producer Label Entrepreneur Pack$1229NoNo$790$690
Ableton Starter Pack (LV-I & Software) LIVE$850$650$615$585$520
Ableton LV-I & LV-II & License LIVE $1600$1250$1195$1155$1095
Meet-Up Events: Single Ticket$5.99$5.99$5.99YesYes
Meet-Up Events: Annual$24.99$24.99$24.99YesYes
All Access Annual Meet-Ups$150NoNoYesYes
Luca Pretolesi Mixing and Mastering$1250$1250$1188$1125$950
Music Marketing & Career Mngt.$690$690$650$610$540
Music Production Career Development (1 Yr)$9800$9800$9653$9310$8820
Academy Connections Pack$205$24.95$24.95YesYes
Music Alliance Identity Pack$129$24.95$24.95YesYes
Business/Career Consulting$50-$300 (hr)YesYes-5%-10%
Artist/Career Mentors$50-$300 (hr)YesYes-5%-10%
Ableton LV-1 (VBL)$375$375$325$290$250 (Incl.w/annual)
Ableton Personal Coach-6 Hrs $449$449$435$425$400
Ableton LV-II (VBL)$375$375$325$290$250 (Incl.w/annual)
Beta ToolsPricelessNoYesYesYes
Affiliate OffersVariousYesYesYesYes
Sudden Unexpected RewardsPricelessYesYesYesYes
VIP ServicesPricelessNo NoNoYes
Join Us for 60 Annual Meet-Ups
  • Social Media for Artists and Producers
  • Creating Songwriting Success
  • Insider Perspectives-Music Industry
  • Producing Styles -EDM Genre
  • New Technology Discovery Meet-Up
  • My Home Studio-Prepare for Success
Join Us for 60 Annual Meet-Ups

…and all year long in Slack Collaboration Channels. Engage with talented and focused, like minded peers for networking, exploration, conversation and learning.

Insider Perspectives-Music Industry

Explore creativity, performance and marketing your music. Connect with the people who are doing it and be part of the conversation.

New Technology Discovery Meetup

The history of music is married to music-making technology. Often the difference maker for new artists and producers.  Join and share discussion, concepts, reveals, deals, technique and technology

Social Media for Music Producers

Want success on social media? You need to know what matters most. There is no shortage of platforms to invest in. But it comes back to your audience. Are you getting to them?

My Home Studio – Prepare Success

Acoustics, electronics, and designing the mix environment. Understand sound, make it your friend. Work through the challenges and create that special place to create, to work, to be inspired.

Creating Songwriting Success

Songs, how to build them, how to target markets. We will break down music including some of yours. Explore genres and commercial formulas. Find inspiration, ideas. Connect, collaborate, and evolve our talents.

Producing Styles – EDM Genre

Trap, Bass, Techno, Trance, Glitch Hop, House, So many genres but what are the musical elements that  go into them ? We break it down, and explore the creation of the styles and hybrids.

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