“There is no better place to think about something than in your own head.” – XayberOptix
Welcome Partners and Affiliates
Music Alliance welcomes the hard working people in our industry who bring value to our members and innovation to our business of music
Affiliates and Partners
Our community is made up of many. Those just discovering their talents, those pursuing excellence and opportunity, those long time veterans who make their living at it, and those who just love making music and have made it a permanent part of their lives.

Our community also embraces those who nurture and support the talent and run the various businesses involved in making music. We are part of the same family and function as a team. That is what a community is. It is diverse and music is the glue, the mission, and the joy. If you would like an opportunity to address or become involved in our community, please share your ideas. We are always looking for ways to add value for members. This is, after all, their community. Please reach out and submit the form and we will send an appointment/meeting link.           
Faith Lutheran High School Las Vegas Nevada
Digital Music High School Courses by Alliance

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