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Complimentary Associate Membership

Check out our Member Benefits Chart and find major discounts and services. Track Reviews, Global Music Distribution, Consulting, Mentoring , Airplay and Marketing Packages, Monthly Meetups/Webinars. Enjoy “Reality TV in the Recording Studio” with Fly on The Wall videos. Create your profile and private groups. Build your own community within our Alliance.

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Complimentary Associate Membership

Welcome! sign up for a Complimentary Associate Membership to Music Alliance. There is something for everyone including the opportunity to work with us in the community and earn higher levels. Check out our Member Benefits Chart below. Membership provides powerful tools, resources and services, quickly paid for with major discounts and services. Track Reviews, Global Music Distribution, Consulting, Mentoring , Airplay and Marketing packages, monthly Meetups/Webinars. Enjoy “reality television in the recording studio” with hundreds of Fly on The Wall Videos and new ones every 3 weeks. Create profiles and private groups and build your own community. Be inspired and learn from experienced successful people.

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Find out more about this offer or other things about Music Alliance by clicking on the tabs below. Or just go ahead and sign up and journey through the site. We are happy to have you part of what we do.

Member Benefits Chart
BenefitRegular PriceAssociateAffiliateProElite
Legal TemplatesPricelessNoYesYesYes
Fly on the WallPricelessNoYesYesYes
Artist Elite Distribution (annual)$50NoNo$20$15 (Included for Annual)
Microsoft Office Full Suite$99NoNoYesYes
Slack Full License$96NoNoYesYes
Track Reviews (included)$69NoNo36
Track Review Discounts$69No$65$61$55
Track Review Six Pack$414$410$385$365$330
Artist Distribute, Promo and Airplay$539NoNo$450$395
Artist Performer Producer Label Entrepreneur Pack$1229NoNo$790$690
Ableton Starter Pack (LV-I & Software) LIVE$850$650$615$585$520
Ableton LV-I & LV-II & License LIVE $1600$1250$1195$1155$1095
Meet-Up Events: Single Ticket$5.99$5.99$5.99YesYes
Meet-Up Events: Annual$24.99$24.99$24.99YesYes
All Access Annual Meet-Ups$150NoNoYesYes
Luca Pretolesi Mixing and Mastering$1250$1250$1188$1125$950
Music Marketing & Career Mngt.$690$690$650$610$540
Music Production Career Development (1 Yr)$9800$9800$9653$9310$8820
Academy Connections Pack$205$24.95$24.95YesYes
Music Alliance Identity Pack$129$24.95$24.95YesYes
Business/Career Consulting$50-$300 (hr)YesYes-5%-10%
Artist/Career Mentors$50-$300 (hr)YesYes-5%-10%
Ableton LV-1 (VBL)$375$375$365$355$335
Ableton LV-I and Virtual Workstation$425 $425$415$405$385
Ableton LV-I Group Coach-6 Hrs (x3) $169$169$165$159$149
Ableton LV-I Personal Coach-6 Hrs $449$449$435$425$400
Ableton LV-II (VBL)$375$375$365$355$335
Ableton LV-II and Virtual Workstation$425$425$415$405$385
Ableton LV-II Group Coach (6 Hours) x3 $169$169$165$159$149
Ableton LV-II Personal Coach-6 Hrs $449$449$435$425$400
Beta ToolsPricelessNoYesYesYes
Affiliate OffersVariousYesYesYesYes
Sudden Unexpected RewardsPricelessYesYesYesYes
VIP ServicesPricelessNo NoNoYes

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