Social Media for Music Producers

Social Media
for Music Producers
A Music Alliance Meetup Event
  • Want to succeed on social media ?  Then you need to know which trends will matter most
  • There are many platforms to invest your time. But it all comes back to your audience. Are you getting in front of them in the right places?
  • Are you giving them what they want or need ? What matters to them?
  • These are the questions. Join us and get some answers.
Music Alliance meetups are not webinars which are typically one to many delivery from master to student. In our meetups, subject matter experts still participate, inspire and share knowledge, but you are engaged in a more informal think tank. One that extends between live sessions via collaboration tools such as Slack. Alive, continuous, exploratory and evolving. A sharing of knowledge which is many to many. Unique, personal as well as relational. Connected learning is the foundation for broader knowledge and opinion.
How To Attend
Pro, Elite and event subscription holders just check in here or select the RSVP button on the top panel or in the Event Calendar.  You are done ! You will receive an email confirmation. All others, including guests with passes will require tickets. The Tickets Button is located on the lower right of the event image in the Event Calendar. You can enter coupons, discounts and use account credits during the transaction.

$5.90 for the Evening or an Annual Pass (10 sessions) for $19 more

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