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Microsoft Office 365

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Music Alliance is a professional learning community and we welcome the most powerful suite of work and collaboration tools on the planet to our sandbox. The tools are powerful and feature rich. There are many tools to get excited about but we know you will enjoy your one drive space a lot. (hint clean up your files) . And best of all Microsoft 365 operates completely in the cloud, so wherever you are, your head office is with you. You will be operating under your new Member@MusicAlliance.com address, and introducing yourself by saying music is who you are. Pro and Elite membership includes Microsoft 365 but other members can acquire the Identity Pack bundle for just $24.99

  • Digital ID and Member Certificate
  • Annual Pass-Insider Perspective,
  • Annual Microsoft 365.
  • Member@MusicAlliance.com email

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Microsoft 365 provides popular apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote so members, learners and mentors can work together, communicate seamlessly, and create amazing content. Work together with real-time coauthoring, autosaving, and easy sharing in your favorite web apps, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Stay on top of your email with Outlook for the web and a 50 GB mailbox. Leverage Microsoft Teams, your digital hub that integrates the conversations, calls, content, and apps you need to be more collaborative and engaged.

Improve learning outcomes with built-in accessibility features and Learning Tools that support reading, writing, math, and communication. Keep organized with OneNote, your digital notebook. Stay connected with Class Teams and OneNote Notebooks. Take authentic assessments with Forms. Enable digital storytelling with Sway.

Never run out of space with unlimited personal cloud storage. Share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and edit documents in real time through collaborative tools.

Sharing calendars in Exchange means you can see who in your community is available to schedule meetings that work for everyone.

SharePoint is another integral tool  for enabling collaboration. Documents that are saved here can be accessed and worked on by any team member, and shared as a link in email.  Multiple users are also able to edit documents stored in SharePoint in real time, which makes co-authoring easy. You can see who is in the document at any time and even where they’re working.

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Member Benefits by Level

Member Benefits Regular Price Associate Affiliate PRO Elite
Fly on the Wall Priceless
All Access Webinar Meetups $150
Track Reviews Included $69 3 6
Track Review Discounts $69 $65 $61 $55
Track Review Six Pack $414 $410 $385 $365 $330
Artist Elite Distribution $50 $15
Microsoft Office Full Suite $99
Slack Full License $96
Artist Distribute, Promo and Airplay $539 $450 $395
Artist Performer Producer Label Entrepreneur Pack $1229 $790 $690
Affiliate Partner Discounts Various
Creating Songwriting Success $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Insider Perspectives $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
New Technology Meetup $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Producing Styles-EDM Genre $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Social Media for Musicians $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
Ableton Starter Pack $750 $695 $655 $615 $545
Luca Pretolesi Mixing and Mastering $1250 $1250 $1188 $1125 $950
Music Marketing & Career Mngt. $690 $690 $650 $610 $540
Electronic Music Production Career Development (1 Yr) $9800 $9800 $9310 $8820 $7840
Academy Connections Pack $205 $24.99 $24.99
Music Alliance Identity Pack $129 $24.99 $24.99
Artist/Career Mentors $50-$300 (hr) -5% -10%
Business/Career Consulting $150-$400 (hr) -10% -20%
Legal Templates Library $99
VIP Services Priceless
=Available/Price =Not Available

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Microsoft Office 365

Yes. You need it to log into our community account but you can easily have it forwarded (aliased) to your favorite email address and client. So you can represent as Me@MusicAlliance.com but not have to log into Outlook

Microsoft 365 is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. See system requirements for compatible versions of your devices, and for other feature requirements.

No. Apps are tailored to work best on each operating system. The apps available for Mac users and the specific features included may be different from those available for PC users. With Microsoft 365, you can be flexible. With your account, you are not limited to exclusively Mac or exclusively PC, so you can transition across devices.

Yes. Documents that you have created belong fully to you. You can choose to store them online on OneDrive or locally on your PC or Mac.

nternet access is required to install and activate all the latest releases of apps and services included in all Microsoft 365 subscription plans. Note that if you are an existing subscriber, you do not need to reinstall or purchase another subscription. For Microsoft 365 plans, Internet access is also needed to manage your subscription account, for example to install apps on other PCs or to change billing options. Internet access is also required to access documents stored on OneDrive, unless you install the OneDrive desktop app. You should also connect to the Internet regularly to keep your version of Microsoft 365 up to date and to benefit from automatic upgrades. If you do not connect to the Internet at least every 31 days, your apps will go into reduced functionality mode, which means that you can view or print your documents but cannot edit the documents or create new ones. To reactivate your apps, simply reconnect to the Internet. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use Office apps, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, because the apps are fully installed on your computer.

Your Microsoft account is the combination of an email address and password that you use to sign in to services like OneDrive, Xbox LIVE, and Outlook.com. If you use any of these services, you already have a Microsoft account that you can use, or you can create a new account. Learn more about a Microsoft account.

As part of signing up for a trial or purchasing Microsoft 365, you will be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account. You must be signed in with this account to install and manage your Microsoft 365 subscription, or to use some subscription benefits, including OneDrive storage.

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