“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” – Aldous Huxley

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Associate Members Receive Complimentary Access to…

  • Access to Track Reviews
  • Member Discounts
  • Academy Discounts
  • Access to Add-on Packs
  • Points and Rewards
  • Affiliate Partner Discounts
  • Member Profile and Private Groups
  • Newsletter, Blogs and fuse e’zine
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  • Access up to Status Tier 3
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Affiliates Receive Everything in Associate and even more …..

  • Greater Discounts on Everything
  • Access to Legal Template Library
  • Save hundreds on Workshops and Events
  • Save Hundreds on Academy Digital Music Programs
  • Access Fly on the Wall Archives
  • Access New Releases – Fly on the Wall
  • Discounts on Studio DMI Mastering Package
  • Access to Virtual DAW
  • Digital Member Certificate
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Pro Members Receive Everything in Affiliate and many more benefits …..

  • Pro Level Discounts
  • Elite Label Distribution
  • Track Release Airplay Promo
  • 3 Included Track Reviews
  • Pro Academy Discounts
  • All Access Webinar Meetups
  • Office 365 Full Suite
  • Slack Annual License
  • MusicAlliance.com Email
  • Discounted TR Bundle
  • Digital ID Card
  • Discounts on Mentors
  • Discounts on Consulting
  • Access up to Status Tier 6
  • Alliance Connections Pack
  • Alliance Academy Pack
  • Access to Beta Tools
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Your “Access to Everything” Level. Elite Members Receive the most….

  • Everything Here and Associate, Affiliate and Pro.
  • Best Discounts Available on Everything
  • 6 Annual Track Reviews
  • Elite Level Discounts for Additional Track Reviews
  • Up to 25% Discounts on Academy Programs
  • Up to 20% Discount on Mentors, Coaches and Consulting
  • Access up to status Tier 10
  • All Access to Virtual DAW
  • Printed High Quality Member Certificate
  • VIP Program

Join Us for 60 Meet-Up Events a Year

  • Social Media for Artists and Producers
  • Creating Songwriting Success
  • Insider Perspectives-Music Industry
  • Producing Styles -EDM Genre
  • New Technology Discovery Meet-Up
  • My Home Studio-Prepare for Success

Join Us for 60 Meet-Up Events a Year

…and all year long in Slack Collaboration Channels. Engage with talented and focused, like minded peers for networking, exploration, conversation and learning.

Insider Perspectives-Music Industry

Explore creativity, performance and marketing your music. Connect with the people who are doing it and be part of the conversation.

New Technology Discovery Meetup

The history of music is married to music-making technology. Often the difference maker for new artists and producers.  Join and share discussion, concepts, reveals, deals, technique and technology

Social Media for Artists and Producers

Want success on social media? You need to know what matters most. There is no shortage of platforms to invest in. But it comes back to your audience. Are you getting to them?

My Home Studio – Preparing for Success

Acoustics, electronics, and designing the mix environment. Understand sound, make it your friend. Work through the challenges and create that special place to create, to work, to be inspired.

Creating Songwriting Success

Songs, how to build them, how to target markets. We will break down music including some of yours. Explore genres and commercial formulas. Find inspiration, ideas. Connect, collaborate, and evolve our talents.

Producing Styles – EDM Genre

Trap, Bass, Techno, Trance, Glitch Hop, House, So many genres but what are the musical elements that  go into them ? We break it down, and explore the creation of the styles and hybrids.

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