Mentoring/Consulting: Ronnie F Lee-Scheduled – MA Members

Mentoring/Consulting: Ronnie F Lee-Scheduled

Ronnie F. Lee
  • Studio DMI Co-Founder Ronnie F. Lee is a dynamic music business innovator, and trusted artist advisor.
  • Army veteran, former hype man, TV host, and top-ten hit writer turned music executive
  • distribution guru with 27 years of music business experience.
  • over 800 performances as an artist himself, thousands of songs distributed around the globe
  • founding, structuring, and managing several corporations
  • one of the most dynamic music business assets in the industry.
  • Get your future in motion and stop working alone. Gain the advantage of experience. Book your appointment in the calendar below and step on the gas!

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Mentoring/Consulting: Ronnie F Lee

$250.00 1 hour

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Join Us for 60 Annual Meet-Ups

…and all year long in Slack Collaboration Channels. Engage with talented and focused, like minded peers for networking, exploration, conversation and learning.

Insider Perspectives-Music Industry

Explore creativity, performance and marketing your music. Connect with the people who are doing it and be part of the conversation.

New Technology Discovery Meetup

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Want success on social media? You need to know what matters most. There is no shortage of platforms to invest in. But it comes back to your audience. Are you getting to them?

My Home Studio – Prepare Success

Acoustics, electronics, and designing the mix environment. Understand sound, make it your friend. Work through the challenges and create that special place to create, to work, to be inspired.

Creating Songwriting Success

Songs, how to build them, how to target markets. We will break down music including some of yours. Explore genres and commercial formulas. Find inspiration, ideas. Connect, collaborate, and evolve our talents.

Producing Styles – EDM Genre

Trap, Bass, Techno, Trance, Glitch Hop, House, So many genres but what are the musical elements that  go into them ? We break it down, and explore the creation of the styles and hybrids.

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