“Music is the mediator between spiritual and the sensual life” – Ludwig Van Beethoven

Fly On The Wall-fuse version

Fly On The Wall – Reality TV for Making Music

Music Alliance members see and hear how Grammy-Nominated and Multi-Platinum producers and engineers work, behind the scenes. They join professionals like Studio DMI’s Luca Pretolesi, Scott Banks, Andy Lin and other recording teams as they work, share their workflow, and the secret sauce that goes into creating world class music. 16 new sessions annually and a treasure trove of archives, allow viewers to observe the process and decisions behind making music better. Learn how to make your tracks rise above the noise. The series provides the  opportunity to observe and learn the tools, tricks and technology to support their talent.


    Explore Communicate and Collaborate, with guests and members. Talk about creating, performing and marketing your music. Connect and share Technology, Media, Songwriting, Trends, Production, Mastering, Marketing and more.

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    P3 – A Bundle of Joy! Award winning mastering engineers will professioinally review your music and help prepare you for global distribution and airplay. P3 provides professional support services and 33 live classes to develop your personal career strategy.

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