“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” – Aldous Huxley

Web, Marketing,Consulting Services

Web, Marketing and Strategic Planning

Web and Marketing Services are available as part of bundles and as stand alone services. Due to the appropriately unique individual needs and circumstances you need to reach out and we can start with a whole lot of listening. Some of the ways we can help include;

  • Social Media Strategic Plan
  • Professional Industry Consultation
  • Artist Web Profile on Music Alliance
  • Artist Web Page on Music Alliance
  • Community Monetization Opportunities
  • Global Music Release

MusicAlliance.com is a community of communities. Our business of music is at its very core entrepreneurial. Yet many do not conceive of themselves as businesspeople. The truth is everything we do is about selling ourselves, our music, our talent and our ingenuity. We are here to help you plug into as many opportunities as possible. To make it easy where it is not.  Music Alliance can associate you with success. And your success is the goal of everything we do. We can help you build a presence on the web, carefully looked after by our team and intrically tied into a community that mutually benefits from everyones efforts. The hardest thing about media is getting attention. Using the power of Wordpress Multisite, affiliate partners, members and results, together we will bring it.  

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