Table Competency

Competencies Hours
Music Production Theory99
Production Skills Technical 144
Production Skills - Applied Electronic Music 165
Artistic Development33
Professional Business Skills33
Production Skills Breadth&Depth165
Electronic Music Program Labs264
Total Hours Production Competency/Labs 904
InitiateLearnerVersant ApprenticeSkilledPro Seasoned/Veteran Master Professional
Topic CodeTopicInitiate-Term/Quarter 1 Practiced Term/Quarter 2Apprentice Term/Quarter 3Skilled Term/Quarter 4Subject Hours
MSS1010-3Music Studio Setup (DSPT 1:1 mentored) 1212
PrdAZ 1120-9 Producing A-Z 1:TE,CA,SD,MM 3333
PrdAZ 1220-9 Producing A-Z 2:TE,CA,SD,MM 3333
TRE 1110-3Theory of Recording Engineering 1 3333
AMP 1110-3Applied Music for Producers 1 3333
PrdAZ 2320-9 Producing A-Z 3:TE,CA,SD,MM3333
PrdAZ 2420-9 Producing A-Z 4:TE,CA,SD,MM 3333
TRE 3210-3Theory of Recording Engineering 2 3333
AMP 2210-3Applied Music for Producers 23333
MPSD 3110-6MPSD Music Production and Sound Design3333
PRST 3010-6PRST Producing Styles3333
MDAM 4010-3Mix Down and Mastering3333
MMM 4010-3Music Career Management & Marketing 3333
MPSD 4210-6MPSD Music Production and Sound Design3333
MC 5010-3Master classes (7 wk courses) 4060100
DMAS 3010-6Digital Music Arranging and Scoring3333
EMP PPW 4010-3EMP Portfolio Preparation Workshop 3333
VMIP 5010-3Vocal and musical instrument producer 3333
OLMTOnline Labs, Mentoring, Tutoring 77556666264
Weekly Study (11 weeks) 202021.620.5
Weekly Lab Hour Min.7566

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