Coaching Achievements Program
Putting in the time to gain personal strategic knowledge to achieve your goals is critical. Nothing accelerates your vision like networking, perspective and preparation. Knowing where to apply your energy and in which order. Your efforts deserve recognition and a place on your resume. So Music Alliance has created its Coaching Channel Achievements Program (we can call it CAP). What does that mean? It means when you have actively attended and engaged in 10 sessions in a specific channel, you earn a Gold Certificate (example below) You receive a Platinum Level Certificate when you attend 20 events and at 30 you get Diamond. Music Alliance Member Management is currently working with our affiliates to add additional recognition.

How much does it cost to register with the Coaching Achievements Program?
CAP is included with Affiliate Plus, Pro and Elite memberships. It is not available for the complimentary membership level.

What is required to receive certification for my participation? Gold Level is Ten session attendance of any specific channel. Platinum is 20 sessions and Diamond is 30 sessions half of which may be electives.  

I attended several sessions as a free member, do this count towards the goals? Unfortunately, only those events attended as a full member count.    

I am an existing full member and have attended several events. Can I get credit for these?  Yes, please send a list of events and dates you attended and so we can confirm your attendance.

Will these certificates be mailed to me?
Currently the Achievement Crtificates are in digital form only and you be forwarded a pdf. We are examining the potential for printed copies, and they may become available in the future. There may be a small mail fee involved, however.     
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Please Enroll Me
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I am requesting a Coaching Channel Certificate based on my participation in the Events reported here. I include the name of the Channel Event and Month I attended. I acknowledge I attended at least 60 minutes on that date and that I am a current full member of Music Alliance. 

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