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Music Alliance is a value and feature rich online community, designed for music producers, engineers, performers, and those who support them. We are a community of communities and we want you to be a part. We take the financial risk and community management off your plate.

Your Audience is Listening
Your unique music services and products belong in our growing community. We will increase your market and help you thrive. You build revenue for everything purchased by your affiliate members on

Our Home Team…
…is Your Home Team
Imagine having your own technology, marketing, and executive team, with powerful tools. Tools that maximize member touches, provide evergreen revenue, analytics and online payments to you. A best in class event management system with scheduling, ticketing, and marketing.  A member points and rewards system, 60 Webinar Events a year, a community of members and affiliates sharing in a common yet nuanced vision.

In Motion
Evolve Your Community and Build With Us !
My Music Alliance
Edm Sessions Global Radio Station
Faith Lutheran Partners with Music Alliance
Taste The Fly ! Fly on the Wall Sampler
FOTW Teaser Reid Stefan Vocal
Luca Pretolesi Unveils The New Dangerous Music Convert A/D+
Grow Your Revenue
Our Affiliate Software Automatically Recognizes Your Members and Attributes Commissioned Purchases for Evergreen Payment to You or Your Community
  • Grow Your Own Community With Our Help
  • Prosper from a Growing Community
  • Add Real Value To Your Community in Multiple Ways
  • Deliver Your Own Services to a Much Larger Community with Our Help
  • Rise Above the Noise. Become Instantly Larger and More Comprehensive
  • A Powerful Points and Rewards System Awards Members with Incentives to Buy Again

 Gift Your Members
  • A $144 Annual Affiliate Membership Provided to Your Followers at No Cost
  • Comprehensive Member Learning Resources, Services and Social Community.
  • 60 Annual Learning Events and Collaboration Channels.  
  • Unlimited Annual Global Music Distribution 
  • Office 365 Suite, Slack Collaboration, Online Storage, Digital ID, Discounts…
  • Access to Amazing Tools, such as, Cloud Based Digital Audio Workstations
  • Video Learning Series Behind Studio Session Doors
  • Legal Templates Provided by Leading Music Industry Law Firms.
  • Continually Evolving Value and Services
Your Growing Membership Creates Value for You
We Provide Value for Your Members

*member services vary by level

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