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Music Alliance is a value and feature rich online community, designed for music producers, engineers, performers, and those who support them. We are a community of communities and we want you to be a part.

Your own unique services or products may be sold to our growing community and we will increase your market and help you thrive. You also get paid, for all commerce which referred members conduct onsite.

Music Alliance has taken the financial risk and community management off your plate.


Our Home Team Becomes Yours

Imagine having your own technology, marketing, and executive team, with powerful tools. Tools that maximize member touches and evergreen revenue and provide analytics and online payments to you. A best in class event management system which provides scheduling, ticketing, and marketing.  A member points and rewards system which gamifies and promotes and a team to help you do that.

Your Members Receive Complimentary Annual Membership*

  • An Extensive Program of Live Meetups and Webinars with Collaboration Channels. ¬†
  • Legal Templates Provided by Leading Music Industry Law Firms.
  • Fly on the Wall Provides Virtual Admission Behind the Doors of Professional Sessions.
  • Unlimited Annual Global Music Distribution¬†
  • Access to Amazing Tools, such as, Cloud Based Digital Audio Workstations
  • A Complete Member Social Community and Services
  • Annual Subscriptions for Microsoft Office 365, Member email @ MusicAlliance.com, Digital ID Cards and Discount Programs

Your Growing Membership Creates Value for You. We Provide Value for Your Members

* valued at $144. Some features require higher member levels

    • A Powerful Points and Rewards System Awards Members with Incentives to Buy Again.

    • Leading Learning Management Tools Create and Deliver Sophisticated Learning Products.

      Create and deliver sophisticated learning products. We can help. Music Alliance is expert at learning and professional development.

    • An Engaging Member Social Community

      Profiles, groups, member community boards, and classified ads.

    • Best in Class Event Management System

      Scheduling, ticketing, marketing, and a team to help promote them.

    • Revenue Monitoring and Tracking Analytics for Strategy Development.

    How Does It Work?

    • We set up your affiliate account and you refer members
    • All referred Affiliate Members are connected with your account permanently via email address
    • All purchases made by Affiliate Members attract commissions payable to you.
    • Music Alliance provides the investment, site, servers, and community management.
    • We grow the community together

    Like a Song Royalty. Success = Evergreen Income

    What’s Next?

    Click to access the inquiry form below so we can get a snapshot of your personal vision. Then we connect via online conference and explore the synergies together

    Working together requires trust and information. Lets start providing and building that with some communications. Do not worry about masking up since we can meet on Zoom, Skype, or chat by email. You may contact us by email through Affiliate@MusicAlliance.com

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