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What is the Kool Aid man’s name?

What is the Kool Aid man’s name? Ronnie Lee over at Studio DMI, founder, fellow dreamer, builder and visionary for MusicAlliance.com, jokingly referred to my project evangelism and enthusiasm as “selling the Kool Aid.” Building MusicAlliance.com has turned out to be a huge challenge, a beautiful learning experience, a sometimes difficult adventure in opinion and personal vision differences, but an awesome team effort where development team members drew deep on their passion and love for a grand vision to create a community for people who make music. The dedication often drove us to extreme hours and familys suffered. People bailed along the way. Others joined the team. Yet we are finally getting close to being able to launch MusicAlliance 2.0. A reimagined, redesigned community and site which will deliver many new services, reimagined old ones, and create a platform to continue that journey.

There were a lot of technical challenges involved. MusicAlliance.com is built in WordPress.  Thanks to the Multisite feature in the WordPress source code, your basic WordPress installation can also be converted into the hub of your own network of websites. With Multisite, users can create an independent network of sites or invite others to create their own sites on the network for a variety of educational and commercial purposes.

This was the secret sauce to do what we envisioned. To not be only a community but to be a “community of communities.” A place that other community’s congregate with us to share resources, tools, technology, expertise, buying power, web traffic, website support, and things like storefront, classified ads, learning management systems, news ‘zine and many more things. A collective of services, resources, new ideas, and ways to monetize what you do to an eager community of those who share your love for making music. MusicAlliance.com is a beacon for everything electronic music. A place to hatch new ideas and an incubator to grow them. A place to learn then develop a career. A tool to help you to make money making music and supporting others that do as well.

There is way too much to go into everything here in a short blog. But you can either sign in or join to explore and see. What you see today is organic and evolving. Communities are not static or they would be ghost towns. Everything starts cost free but even as a free member you get privileges. But we are private and you must be a member to access most benefits. And since you can create private groups within Music Alliance, join with your posse and create your own exclusive space to venture out from.

But even then, if you are unsure, wander through the public pages and check out the benefits described there. It will be easy to see why being part is just a no brainer. We did after all build it for you. Come on in and let us pour you a cup.

Niels Hartvig-Nielsen

Director Music Alliance

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