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Digital Music Alliance Inc. Media Content Waiver

I, hereby grant Digital Music Alliance Inc. permission to use my name, likeness, image, and/or content I have provided in any social media posts, advertisements, or promotional materials.

I understand that this content may be used on Music Alliance's official website and social media channels, including but not limited to YouTube , Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.

I agree that Digital Music Alliance Inc. may use this content indefinitely and without any compensation to me.

I also affirm that I am the owner of the content provided and have the legal right to grant this permission to Digital Music Alliance Inc

I agree and grant the permissions describedrequired

Your entry is not complete until you have submitted. 

You may enter multiple times but must upload only one song at a time as each song will have a unique anonymous identifier. 

You have read and understood all rules that pertain to entering your song into Song Sharks  

You agree to all the rules at all times or may withdraw your entry.   


Proposed Overview
A judging committee will eliminate material that is clearly not suitable for moving forward.    
Round One
Entries are listened to in identical numbered batches by 3 preliminary judges. Each judge will choose 3 winning songs to move to round two. Plus, one wildcard song each. Where the same song is chosen by more than one judge, one of the wild card songs will be added so that nine songs will move forward. 
Round Two   
Songs that make it to round two are listened to by 3 judges. Each judge will choose 1 first place and one wild card song which will go to round three. The three winners are in for the next round. Of the three wildcards one will be selected to also move on meaning there are 4 songwriters for round three, the final adjudication event for this episode. Should two judges have selected the same winning song then 2 wildcards move on
Round Three
4 contestants will present themselves and their song to the Judges live. Judges will make offers or pass. Multiple judges may compete for the right to participate in the commercial release of the song. Contestant may make a call to get advice. All finalists will have a chance to submit for a finals event held live in Las Vegas.   
Here are some general rules you might consider for a song contest:
Eligibility: Specify who can participate (e.g., age, location, amateur or professional status).
Entry Requirements: Describe what participants need to submit (e.g., original songs, cover songs, video/audio format, length).
Theme (if applicable): If your contest has a theme, outline it clearly for participants.
Submission Deadline: Set a specific date and time for entries to be submitted.
Entry Fees (if any): State whether there’s a fee to enter the contest and how it should be paid.
Judging Criteria: Clearly define the criteria judges will use to evaluate entries (e.g., creativity, originality, technical skill).
Judging Panel: Introduce the judges and specify how they will be selected.
Prize(s): Detail the prizes for winners (e.g., cash, recording contracts, equipment).
Rights: Clarify ownership rights to the submitted songs (e.g., whether the contest organizers retain any rights).
Disqualification: Outline reasons for disqualification (e.g., plagiarism, failure to meet submission requirements).
Publicity: State whether participants grant permission for their entries to be used in promotional materials.
Terms and Conditions: Include any other relevant terms and conditions to ensure fair and transparent participation.
Make sure to review and customize these rules based on the specific goals and requirements of your song contest. It’s also a good idea to seek legal advice to ensure compliance with local regulations.
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