“You become what you think about most and you also attract what you think about most” – Rhonda Byrne “The Secret”
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Insider Perspectives Annual Meetups

Annual Pass $24.99* Mondays 6:00-7:30 

Insider Perspectives is an online learning meetup featuring a variety of conversations, guests and member participation. Explore creativity, performance and marketing your music. Connect with the people who are doing it and be part of the conversation. Learn, collaborate,  and jam on new ideas. Get to know your fellow members. Collaborate and share perspectives and inspire creative and innovative solutions. Got a favorite topic idea? Connect with us and share it and we will get the team to bring it if possible. Topics may include Technology, Media, Songwriting, Trends, Production, Mastering, Marketing and more. 

*Insider Perspectives Annual Pass is included in Pro and Elite member subscriptions.

Connect and be part of the conversation all year for just $24.99

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FAQ Events and Webinars
Welcome to FAQ for Events and Webinars .

10 events a year for each meetup. That means your annual pass costs you $2.49 to attend an event

Music Alliance will allow you do this one time so you may have the opportunity to test the waters. We will provide an account credit for the difference and you must ask for this. We cannot go back more than a month

You are eligible to view the archives if you are an Affiliate, Pro or Elite member

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