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New Technology Meet-up

Join Music Alliance for our New Technology Meet-Up where we share discussion, concepts, reveals, deals, technique and technology with members, allys, community leaders and guests.

Learn about the newest products and occasionally enjoy special gifts and discounts (we always ask) from guest presenters. Collaborate with ideas, solutions and opportunities, to share the knowledge of special guest speakers and members of our community.

Meet-Ups are included for Pro and Elite Members. Affiliate and Associate members may drop in or subscribe to individual Group Meetups for as little as $2.49 a meeting.

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with Nik Hotchkiss

Meeting Leader

Nik Hotchkiss is a rare multi-talented renaissance professional that brings it on every level. Music creation, production, delivery, management with high level mastering and engineering skills.

What are Music Alliance Meet-Ups ?

Meetups are structured as informal learning and collaboration opportunities with a specific focus, yet not a rigid agenda. Content is responsive, spontaneous, and supportive of exploration. Group leaders inspire conversation and participation with topics, guests, and with input from participants. Scheduled monthly meetings create the thread and group connection is provided for and supported between live sessions. As with all great things, great people are who make them happen. Join us, expand your network, share what you know, and gain from others.         

Join Music Alliance for discussion, concepts, reveals, deals, technique and technology. The live sessions are delivered via Zoom/Slack and will be captured for access between live events and also allow member activity between sessions. This means you will have a highly searchable archive of all the great conversations, tips tricks advice, and contacts to discuss or retrieve . There are many tools but community starts with hanging in the same parks and restaurants. For us that is a platform. Music Alliance has provided you top professional collaboration tools, including MS Teams, Slack and Zoom. We chose Slack for our main community tool due to its open source nature, many integrations and third party plugins.Here are some tips on how to set it up and use it. There are many more in the wild. 

FAQ Events and Webinars
Welcome to FAQ for Events and Webinars .

10 events a year for each meetup. That means your annual pass costs you $2.49 to attend an event

Music Alliance will allow you do this one time so you may have the opportunity to test the waters. We will provide an account credit for the difference and you must ask for this. We cannot go back more than a month

You are eligible to view the archives if you are an Affiliate, Pro or Elite member

  • Discussion, Concepts, Reveals, Deals, Technique and Technology

  • Live Sessions Captured for Review. Member Access Between Events for Ongoing Collaboration.

  • As With All Great Things, Great People are Who Make them Happen

  • Join Us, Expand Your Network, Share What You Know, and Gain from Others.

  • Learn About the Newest Products and Enjoy Special Gifts and Discounts from Guest Presenters.

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