“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” – Aldous Huxley

Identity Pack

Music Alliance Identity Pack is a powerful package of member and community function and features.

What is Identity Pack ?

  • Your Alliance Digital ID with QR Code, Discounts
  • You@MusicAlliance.com email account
  • Microsoft 365 suite of business tools
  • Insider Perspectives-Annual Subscription

Your Music Alliance Identity Pack is included with Pro and Elite member levels and available as an add-on for Associate and Affiliate level members. Click on the features below.

Associate with success with your Music Alliance digital ID. Get student and member discounts.

Your membership starts with your community connection . Tell ’em where you connect with who, with your personal MusicAlliance.com email

Join us for a variety of conversations, guests and exploration on creating, performing and marketing your music. Got a favorite topic idea? Connect with us and share it and we will get the team to bring it. Topics may include Technology, Media, Songwriting, Trends, Production, Mastering, Marketing and more.

Pro and Elite Members who have not yet set up their services may request set up info here

Associate and Affiliate Members may upgrade their membership or purchase an Identity Pack add-on for just $24.99 a year


    Explore Communicate and Collaborate, with guests and members. Talk about creating, performing and marketing your music. Connect and share Technology, Media, Songwriting, Trends, Production, Mastering, Marketing and more.

  • Check Out The Latest

    Explore new services, tools and technology with our Beta Benefits. Available for Affiliate, Pro, and Elite members

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  • Producers Pathway Pack

    P3 – A Bundle of Joy! Award winning mastering engineers will professioinally review your music and help prepare you for global distribution and airplay. P3 provides professional support services and 33 live classes to develop your personal career strategy.

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